Rose of Tralee

Abu Dhabi Rose: Sara Kate Mangan

My name is Sara Kate Mangan, I am 26-years old, and honoured to represent Abu Dhabi in the Rose of Tralee Festival. At the age of 18 I moved to Liverpool to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. After three fun filled years living in the city of The Beatles, a leap of faith took me even further afield from my humble Mayo roots to Abu Dhabi. What an adventure it has been.

I am a dedicated and caring nurse working in the state of the art Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi where we provide exceptional medical care to the local Emirati people. I plan to further my education with a Masters specializing in wound management so I can aid the healing process for my patients. My love for travel has taken me from Achil to Agra and Laken to Lebanon.

With a passion for promoting good mental health I will always be found with a smile on my face and a positive outlook on life. Interests include socializing and meeting new people, music, fashion and sport. Always a supporter and never a player, come September I can be found teaching local Emiratis to say “Mayo for Sam” and hanging banners around the ward...just don’t mention the curse.