Ohio - Sarah Mc Inerney

My name is Sarah Mc Inerney, and I am a 30-year-old Clare woman proud to represent my adopted home state of Ohio. Born and raised in Newmarket on Fergus, I pursued Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees in Zoology and Education at NUIG. Since then, I've travelled throughout Europe, Africa, and Central America, and I've worn many hats along the way, including secondary math and science teacher, conservation scientist and educator, falconer, and so on. This passion for conservation, travel, science, and sustainability led me to Cleveland, Ohio, in 2017 to complete my PhD in Integrated Bioscience with a focus on Biomimicry, an interdisciplinary practise that mimics natural strategies to create more sustainable solutions. Since completing my doctorate, I've worked as the programme manager for an accelerator programme that helps the world's most promising nature-inspired entrepreneurs addressing humanity's most pressing environmental and social challenges. Outside of work I am very active, playing Gaelic football and camogie with Cleveland GAA, I enjoy yoga, horse-riding, paddleboarding, off-roading, camping, and exploring the beautiful Ohio Metroparks. Yet overall, my favourite thing to do is, have a cup of tea and chat with the family at home.