Kildare - Ashleigh Byrne

My name is Ashleigh Byrne. I'm a 26-year-old artist who was born and bred in the bog lands of Kildare, on a beautiful rural road just outside of Newbridge. At times I venture out to the heather and gorse to work on film sets or teach art classes. You may also find me making the odd cup of coffee. I studied Sculpture and Combined Media in LSAD and my goals as a graduate are to gather as much experience and knowledge in the creative workforce as possible. I am a big believer in the art of storytelling and One day I wish to harness my skills to tell the stories that our little island has to offer. In Kildare, our land is full of rich history and our spirit bright. It is a deep honour to be chosen to represent County Kildare, and I thoroughly look forward to bringing Kildare’s Spirit to Tralee.